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Here’s what some of our Phoenix, AZ customers are saying about us:

Troy is the best..Professional and trust worthy..Had a home warranty and they sent several companies of which they had no idea what was going on, then I reached out to Troy who dropped everything and came to help me in my time of distress. Can't thank you enough..

Lupe Hedrick Centurion Plumbing Services LLC Customer Review

I have a home warranty that sent out loyalty home services for a toilet issue. First never use those guys. Second 19 days without a toilet.. Centurion came out for a second opinion and fixed it in 10 minutes. These guys owed me nothing but did the job and did it right. I 100% recommend Centurion plumbing.

Jeremy Bradley Centurion Plumbing Services LLC Customer Review

Had a really positive experience with Centurion.

Bathtub kept backing up and we couldn't determine the source. Centurion plumber showed up and was able to figure the problem and clear the blockage.

They communicated their timeline/schedule pretty regularly so we that we could minimize the disruption to our normal daily schedule (kid pick ups/drop offs, etc).

Overall, it was a great job and really positive experience using Centurion Plumbing Services.

mike Lim Google Review

Contact provided through home warranty plan. They were at my house within 2 hours of making the phone call and worked hours to make sure everything was working properly. Very friendly and responsive. Thank you both.

Cindy Buckhannon Google Review

4 stars!

Rachel Pringle Google Review

Centurion Plumbing Services is very professional and punctual. Troy did a very good job at my home. I am very happy! Thanks for your excellent work.

Jaquelin Beltra Google Review

Our water heater stopped working so we called our Home Warranty company, Choice (we will be cancelling with Choice). We were assigned to Centurion Plumbing Services. They sent a technician out a few days after we submitted our claim. As we thought, the water heater needed to be replaced. Choice said they would replace but we needed to pay the plumber an additional $450 for new connections. We spoke to the plumber, Centurion Plumbing, and negotiated the price down. Then we had to wait for Choice to approve and order the water heater. Centurion didn't get the authorization until late Friday and they do not usually work on Sat. They kindly made an exception for us and found out the warehouse was closed on Sat, so Centurion bought a water heater and installed it on Sat. They said they would try and collect the cost from Choice Warranty. Centurion Plumbing was responsive, on time and provided excellent service.

Kathy Werzynski Google Review

Great small business. Honest, friendly, and responsive. Fair prices. I've had so many issues with my home warranty company and a previous plumber, it was so great to work with Centurion. They are very hardworking! Thank you so much for your honesty, willingness to help, and your advice. I very much appreciate you.

Michele K Centurion Plumbing Services LLC Customer Review

Excellent service. He was very patient and explained in detail what to expect.

Joan Noel Centurion Plumbing Services LLC Customer Review

Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Centurion Plumbing is wonderful! We had only been in our house for 2 1/2 weeks when the bathtub started filling up with junk from our kitchen sink... Gross!! We are so thankful American Home Shield listed Centurion Plumbing as a provider! Zach came the same day and diagnosed the problem, a faulty back water flow valve in our front yard. sigh. Unfortunately, American Home Shield wont cover anything “outside the foundation of the home”... Grrrr. But that is hardly the plumbers fault! They gave us a VERY reasonable quote, assembled a team, and returned the next morning to dig a giant hole in the ground, in order to access and replace the valve. Troy taught me how our new plumbing is laid out, and where the problem occurred. He also showed me the cheap/rubberized/ faulty valve, and the new (much better quality) plastic valve that will not break down over time like the old one did.

Don't let the grumpy American Home Shield reviews deter you from Centurion Plumbing. Don't get me wrong, I'm grumpy too... just with American Home Shield for not covering the expense. (in fact, all the negative reviews are American Home Shield people. Lets point the blame in the right place.) Troy, Zach and their team are GOOD, honest, kind people! Very grateful for them!! 5 stars... 10 if I could!

Heath Koehler Google Review

Warranty company sent them out. They did a great job! On time and very pleasant to deal with. Thank you!

Mike Lawrence Google Review

I don't have enough good things to say about Troy and Zach. Troy came out to assess a water leak and they had it fixed a couple hours later. They were incredibly timely, super professional and kind. They also put my yard back to the way it was before and even better! I highly recommend this company for any plumbing needs!

Jamie P Google Review

Called and set appointment right away. They came out on time and we're punctual. Got the estimate handled and took care of all approval. Thank you

Number One Google Review

Troy and his son Zach came to our home over the weekend on a very short notice . We have little ones and needed services ASAP . Every other plumbing company that our home warranty company had called us couldn’t come out until Monday 9/16 . Our home warranty company had Centurion Plumbing call us and They were able to come out the next day on Saturday 9/14 . These men were extremely helpful and professional. The negative reviews about this company is not what they deserve . The home warranty company should have been given the bad reviews, since it is not the plumbing company’s fault if they service was not covered . They are amazing and I would highly recommend them.

Dreyah Valenuela Google Review

AWESOME work! Troy and Zach were sent by home warranty company and really came through. The backed up drain problem was bigger and more complicated than expected. They stayed and worked to find a solution in direct AZ heat to ensure my family would have the peace of mind of having working plumbing. I greatly appreciate their help and would recommend them to anyone!

Louie Martinez Google Review

Saved us from a disgusting sewer back up. Amazing work, they were in constant contact, talked us through the entire process and treated us like family. When insurance left us hanging they worked with us to find an affordable solution. 100% recommend.

Derek Harju Google Review

Centurion is an outstanding, excellent plumbing company led by its owner Troy and his son Zach. They both take pride in doing the job, and they go the extra mile to satisfy their customers. After having one company sent by AHS to fix sewer stoppage, the tech left without fixing it, blaming and suggesting things not related to the real issue. He just talked (zero knowledge and non-competent). Then we got Centurion, and Troy was able to get the job done within half an hour without stress, but rather with smile. Now everything is back to normal in the house, Troy was confident from the minute he walked in to our property, and he assured me: Everything will be fine after seeing me disturbed about the whole mess. Five stars to Troy, he earned A++++ and thanks to Tiffany from authorization department at AHS for choosing Centurion as a second chance to solve our problem. I'll recommend Troy to friends, neighbors and families

Sam Chidiac Centurion Plumbing Services LLC Customer Review

Troy and Zachary did a great job. I had no issues with their work or their professionalism. I always wonder who I will get and what kind of work they will eventually do. But Troy and Zach did a great job. They came in and resolved my issue quickly and neatly. I didn't feel like they cut any corners, in fact they did more than any others did in 25 years. Thanks Troy and Zack.

Barbara Cardinal Google Review

I highly recommend Centurion Plumbing for your plumbing needs. Our showers and toilets became clogged and over-flooding with dirty water. We called Troy (Centurion Plumbing Services) and asked for his help. Immediately, his son showed up and resolved the problem! Their charge was very reasonable; a job very well done! My family will now use Centurion Plumbing for all their plumbing needs. Check them out!

Roberto Rodriguez Centurion Plumbing Services LLC Customer Review

Our toilets and showers became clogged and over-filled with dirty water. We got in touch with Troy of Centurion Plumbing Services, and asked for his help. Immediately, his son showed up and resolved the problem; a job very well done. The charge was very reasonable. We highly recommend them!

R. J. Rodriguez Google Review

I really don't understand these reviews that people are giving about this company . Troy was on time professional and got the job done! I would recommend him any day!

Gabriel Valdenegro Google Review

Very good experience!
Centurion was sent to us by our home warranty. Troy came out on a Sunday to rescue us from overflowing toilets. He was here within 2-hours of the home warranty company calling him. Don't know what all these 1-star reviews are about, but for us; his customer service was spot on, appearance was clean & professional, and he kept us informed the entire time. Most importantly...the backed up plumbing that almost sent us to hotel, was fixed!

Levi Ferrin Google Review

The company was very good I used them thru AHS and I was upset with AHS and unfortunately took it out on their review they deserve a 5 star rating!

Cindy Fagan Centurion Plumbing Services LLC Customer Review

I submitted a request with my home warranty plan, who set me up with Troy. He was super personable and helpful. He gave me a few pointers about my issue, since it was a simple valve replacement and let me know as soon as they could come out. I would recommend to anyone. Very nice!

Caitlin T. Yelp Review

Troy came out to fix my water heater And he was super professional and explained everything that was going to be done down to the invoice.. finally someone who is honest and prompt!
Highly recommend centurion plumbing.

Selena V. Yelp Review

Excellent customer service. Great price . Troy and Zach came out to my house at the last minute . They were both very friendly and my fur babies loved them! I highly recommend.

Drea S. Yelp Review

We have used the company numerous times and have always received excellent and thorough service. Customer service has been exemplary

June O. Centurion Plumbing Services LLC Customer Review

Troy came to my home to fix a leaky toilet and my shower faucet. He was quick and efficient; Very friendly and informative. He is also very fair in his pricing...would definitely recommend to family and friends!

Julie M. Yelp Review

Water heater broke and they got the job done. Couldn't ask for more. They are friendly, honest and do great work. I would recommend this business.

Blake G. Yelp Review

AMAZING service, response, and he was such a nice guy. If it didn't mean something was broke in my house I would love to do more business with Centurion. We were referred by American Home Shield

Ron M. Yelp Review

Great communication and excellent work! I was called with an ETA when they were on their way. Troy and Zack came out to my house introduced themselves (Im pretty sure this was the first time I've had this happen) and fixed both of my issues quickly. Very professional and would highly recommend them for any plumbing needs.

Julie T. Yelp Review

I would highly recommend Troy for any plumbing services. He is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Troy also stands by his work and really cares about his customers. He also will return your calls or text messages in a timely fashion. I will hire troy for any future projects!

Adam D. Yelp Review

Troy went above and beyond to help resolve a very difficult plumbing problem. He took the time to explain things to us and worked hard to resolve our issue. Professional, personable, knowledgeable and kind. I would not hesitate to call him again.

Leslie Eversole Centurion Plumbing Services LLC Customer Review

Troy and Zachary were right on time, polite, and very professional. As a real estate agent I deal with a lot of trades and these guys get an A+! I will use them again.

Bruce Wiskirchen Google Review

I had a great experience with this company

Home warranty repair they showed up on time fixed our issues with the shower. I would call them again !

Rik Vanwinkle Google Review

Professional, dependable, responsive, customer oriented company. Great to work with. Highly recommend.

Clifford Migal Centurion Plumbing Services LLC Customer Review

We have used Troy several times and he is great. He knows exactly whatever needs to be done and is fair in his pricing. He will always be the first person I call when I need a plumber!

Michelle G. Yelp Review

My home warranty company sent out the worst plumbing contractor imaginable. After 1 week of dealing with their stupidity I would not let them in my house. Centurion was called to finally take care of the original problem and they were in and out quickly. My new faucet works great.

Kevin K. Yelp Review

Troy was sent out by my home warranty service to cap a leaking gas line. He was super friendly and great at working with the home warranty company to make sure I was covered. Due to some miscommunications and busy schedules he wasn't able to come out and finish the work, but refunded for the work that couldn't be done. While I hope I never another plumbing emergency, I'll call him if I do.

Janessa C. Yelp Review

Similar to another reviewer we had a crisis. Hot water heater was leaking and shut off valve was not working so we went beyond no hot water to no water period. Warranty company expedited to Troy and Troy made it happen so that we had a hot water heater the same day. Those who use warranty companies know this is not the norm. Beyond all of that he is friendly, courteous and a veteran so it does not get much better from a customer perspective.

Dave B. Yelp Review

Troy came in to our home and introduced himself. We showed him the leak at our shower faucet. Then he went right back outside to the pressure gauge that another plumber told us needed to be replaced and tested it. then he worked with a pressure screw, released some of the pressure, retested it to see where the pressure was, then walked back to our master bathroom and showed me that our shower head was no longer leaking , adjusted the shower spray on and off, still no leaking, and the cartridge that we were also told needed to be replaced did not need to be replaced. Paid our $75 service call fee American Home Shield required.

After he was finished at our house, I walked Troy across the street to a neighbor of ours to introduce him. I gave her one of Troy's business cards and told her if she had any problems to call Troy.

She told him she had been having some problems with her water pressure and he immediately went back to his truck and got his testing equipment to test her pressure for free. Found our her gauge did need to be replaced and showed her why. The cost of his repair was almost $300 less than I had been quoted for our pressure gauge.

This is THE PLUMBER you want to go to. He is now our family plumber and will be our neighbor's as well.

Fred S. Yelp Review

I could go on and on about Troy and his team that helped us through our mini-emergency we just had this last weekend. Our sewer issues began on Friday and by Saturday I was calling the home warranty company- I got a huge run around and they referred us to a company out in Gilbert (we live in central Phoenix). That first company didn't even want to call or talk with me on the phone until "the next business day..."

We called the home warranty back and after an hour of waiting and fighting for a different company to be called- Centurion Plumbing was called. Troy is the owner and he is the one that got the call while he was out shopping at 6:30pm Saturday for his wife. We ended up calling him directly and told him the home warranty company gave us his number, he said he could be out to our house within an HOUR and just had to run home first! We were thrilled and in awe that he would give up his Saturday night for us, but we were SO THANKFUL.

Troy showed up and saved the day- literally. :) He is super friendly, a veteran, a hard-worker and just an honest dude. He was here for a short time on Saturday and then told us he would have to scope the pipes and possibly dig up the lines to redo and fix the mainline. He explained everything he was going to do and warned us of the worse possible scenario but was also generous in giving us the best possible deal he could.

Troy moved his schedule around- worked on a house that was scheduled for Monday morning, on Sunday instead, so that he could be here at our place Monday morning and get the job done. Come Monday, he was here... like he said he would be.

He finished the job with his son by the end of the day Monday and we have running water and I can use my dishwasher again- yipppeeee.

Call Centurion if you have an emergency or if you want some honest cool dude to fix your issues. You won't regret it. :)

Fred S. Yelp Review

I had some plumbing issues and called Centurion plumbing. He was very professional and knowledgeable. I also like the fact that this business is veteran owned and operated. I would definitely use them again!!

Mike A. Yelp Review

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